About Ina Knoops

Biography of Ina Knoops

Solidarity and inquisitiveness have been the most guiding characteristics in my life since I was a child: almost every night I urged my parents to be allowed to sleep in the open.

I always wanted be able to feel and bond with te stars, the moon and Mother Earth during my night’s rest. This essential cont

act with te stars and the earth has always stuck to my mind.

Everything fell into place when I found out a while ago that my birht seal is LAMAT (star) tone 6 in the Maya Calendar.

My body wanted to feel, move and discover.

The furniture had to put up with a great deal since I spent many an hour dancing on the table.

I worked more than fifteen years on my dancing (taking up Merce Cunningham’s, Martha Graham’s and Isadora Duncan’s style and tradition from classical to modern ballet, from African to Balinese dances.

In this period I met Lea Daan – even then a myth in the world of dance. I took private lessons with her for two years which primarily dealt with exercises and the theory of space. This theory of space is founded on R. Lanban’s doctrine.

Meanwhile, I developed various choreographies and brought it alone or with others on the shelves; “mio padre and the double”, “sweet iron” and “sweet irony”, to name a few. After my training at Lea Daan I continued to investigate how a body works, moves, sounds and produces a true mirror of the inner. So I’m going to follow intensive courses (and then provide) of kendo, tai chi and zen meditation.

Has given me more insight into the functioning of body and mind this road. To complete my therapy, I took various courses such as psycho-energetics, aromatherapy, ayurvedic massage, craniosacral therapy, kinesiology, overtone singing and music. Hesitant at first but as the positive feedback continued to flow more confident, I started my own practice in therapeutic work. As you can read above, this is about the life and development of myself for about 20 years in which I have built my experience in working with people and knowledge. When sound over time became more important in my life, “sounds for healing” followed evenings. And so, slowly but surely my full range born.

I’m not finished with my learning process, and will as long as I live forever continue to explore and evolve.

I’ll share with pleasure all I know and all I can.


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