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I go for my dream
I am my dream
it's all for free
go for your dream.

About Ina Knoops

Energy-Therapy online: I will be working from a distance. More info.

Hello there! I'm Ina Knoops Ever since I was a child,  I felt this eager to learn life and see the connection between everything. Those two characteristics have set the direction in my life since then. For more than 15 years, I explored myself through experience in dance, from classic to modern ballet. I started to recognize and acknowledge the therapeutic value of Movement. Every human being has a body with a unique tone, movement and it's own production. A clear  mirror of your inner "now"

Moving in this way brought me to more insight in the functioning of body and mind. I followed several educations as psycho therapy, aroma therapy, kinesiology, crania-sacrum therapy and music therapy, and completed as a therapist.


Energy-therapy provides therapeutic healing for companies and private individuals.

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This is unique in the BENELUX. Let yourself be surprised by this system with healing frequency and my accompanying energetic sounds. Which I play for you live!

Ina Knoops is a certified therapist and offers different treatments. Workshops Sound, movement and dance can be booked after personal contact.
Call + 32486370072 or e-mail:

More about Energy Therapy

Reading, aura-energetic & sound healing

For companies it's important to keep their employees appreciated and satisfied.

Online services for companies:
- Special webinar with physical exercises for people with a desk job.
- Relaxation and meditation based on sounds and instruments .
- Price negotiable.

Book an appointment through or by calling +32 486 37 00 72.

This creates a good working atmosphere and it improves the quality of work. For example an interactive workshop can improve cooperation and communication between employees by using, word, sound and voice.

A workshop where dance, movement will be more present and active is also one of the possibilities. Ideal for people with sedentary work, desk jobs. The employees will experience more awareness, openness, harmonisation in themselves and there for also with their colleagues. Ina Knoops can offer customized workshops in agreement to accomplish this.

For Companies

I work together with all sorts of business that put the wellbeing of employers first.

Sometimes in life, you find yourself at a crossroad, not knowing where to go or what to do. You start questioning yourself.

Who am I really? Am I in the right place, relationship, job? Why do I always end up in recurring patterns?

An energetic aura cleansing, a reading or aura healing can be very beneficial to help you go through this process. If you have a longing to evolve on a spiritual level, then this treatment can help you become more aware. Knowing that we are all connected in a resonating field, you can deepen the relationship with your self, others and the environment, so you can live your life in a holistic way.

For individuals

Who are you and what is it you want?

What does Energy-Therapy offer?

New: Healy - online session

Aura-energetic Healing

Life is great but can also be quite challenging and at times you find yourself out of balance.

Without knowing or feeling it, you are in touch with too many other energies, that don't belong to your true being and they can even get entangled in your own energy field.

Energetic aura healing brings you back to the essence of your pure being. Ina Knoops is specialized in cleaning the etheric field. She serves as an energetic channel to bring your blueprint to light. This optimizes and balances the functioning of body, mind and soul.

Meer over healing

Energetic Cleansing

Highly recommended when you are physically and mentally blocked. The cleansing takes place at three levels, etheric(aura),
physically & mentally.

Your physical body is a mirror of your feelings, thoughts and actions but also from your etheric field. Emotions, illness, traumatic experiences can bring you out of balance.

In your etheric field, energies can get entangled that no longer are needed. This treatment will optimize your state of consciousness, so your true essence can be more present. By laying hands through the energetic channel a complete harmonization will be accomplished. Your new being will be strengthened on an etheric, physical and mental level.

More about Cleansing

Sounds for Healing

A wonderful treatment to balance body and mind. Bathe in a sound bath of several instruments combined with overtone singing.

The healing frequencies will wash and clear your stuck energy and bring you back to your natural state of balance. The Sounds for Healing are always connected with the universal sound portals.

This connection synchronizes with the ever changing and renewing frequencies of the universe. Through the heart we connect. It is our drive to connect with others and to love as a human being.

More about Healing Sounds

Hand Reflexologie

A hand reflexology treatment is based up on touch, a bliss for body and mind. Hands are easily approachable. Touching hands can bring you immediately in connection with the heart.

Love, joy, harmony can flow through the body in a very simple way. By treating certain reflexzones and points on the hands, you balance the body and create relaxation. It also focusses on some vital organs.

As a result your energy flow optimizes. It is a gentle and relaxing way of touch through which you feel more supported, cherished and loved. Your soul will smile upon you

More about hand reflexologie

For grownups and children

Children are the bases for innovation and change in our existence. Continue reading. As grownups we also keep searching and changing. For everyone out there, there is the option of custom guidance.

Energy-Therapy for businesses

Feeling good on the job, the relationship with the staff and coworkers, ... is of vital importance. This allows a company to grow and flourish. Read more.

Workshops & Events

Sometimes we organise workshops (in collaboration), accessible to the general public. These will be announced on this websites calendar and via the facebookpage.

Calendar Energy-Therapy

Overview of events and workshops.

Take a look at the calendar page


More about energetic music

Move in harmony
In harmony with your own sound
In harmony with the sound of cosmos and earth
Be in harmony
Be the sound
Be connected with all and everything
Just be

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