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It may happen in life that suddenly you are at a crucial point, a crossroad.

One day, you look at yourself and you start questioning things.

Who am I really?

How is it that I always relapse in recurring patterns?

You doubt your fixed values. Values that before gave you stability and direction are slipping away.

Thoughts seem very chaotic and certainties disappear. You find yourself in unfamiliar territory and possibly facing a burnout, or you’re not far from having one.

All these issues can manifest themselves in your physical-spiritual body and your auric field.

An energetic aura reading can give you an interpretation of certain things, insights on an emotional, spiritual level, while the healing energies help to remove what is no longer useful and bring more light in your body.

This treatment brings you more and more to your deepest self.

The motto is “be happy”.

Other experiences

You are quite some time on a search into your deeper core and wish to continue this evolvement. You realize that we are all connected to a resonant field and wish to go through life holistically.

You work in a health our assisting sector.

Social workers, doctors, therapists etc. .. are coming in contact with many people so that they each operate in a large resonant energy field. There will be many energetic exchanges happen between the client and care provider. It can be that you record yourself consciously or unconsciously energies that do not belong to you.

People in the care sector are known for taking too little time for themselves sometimes, so they get exhausted. Usually they are in the service of others and they forget to be in service of themselfs.

Every day can be a nice gift when you make time for yourself and pamper yourself.

A reading and sound healing and a refreshing massage can work.


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