Aura energetic healing

Closer to your true self

Reading & Sound healing

Sound is what our ancestors called the beginning

By using harmonious sounds we can restore balance to mind, body and spirit.

Every human being has a physical body and an “aura body” or energy field who are strongly connected to each other by vibrational frequencies. An “aura body” or “aura field” consists of several layers.

The microcosm and the macrocosm both consist of vibrations or tremblings. The human being (=the microcosm) is always in touch with the macrocosm.

An aura (a charisma) is sensitive to influences from the surroundings and it is also a reflection of our inner self. Changes in this field are mirrored in your aura field and your physical body. The resonances/reverberations are needed to grow.

However, it is possible that energies get entangled in your charisma field. Those energies don’t belong to yourself anymore, on the contrary, they are remains of your present life or former lives. In these cases an energetic aura healing or reading could have a wholesome effect. During this healing, energies which no longer are useful will be removed, others will be activated.

You will be immersed in the healing sounds of aliquot tone singing and ethnic instruments. These sounds help lift/clear/raise the blockades and also help penetrate more deeply in both the auric and physical body.Your body and charismatic field are harmonized again by the imposition of hands and the use of tuning forks after the sound session.

This kind of healing is highly recommended to people who can’t get out their vicious circle by themselves, who don’t see their goals clearly or who have been entangled in education patterns or manipulations by others.

Price: € 55

+ €10 with Healy. Read more about 'Healy'. Let yourself be surprised by this system with healing frequency and my accompanying energetic sounds. Which I play for you live! A unique combination in the BENELUX. Contact me to book an appointment or for more information.

Duration: 1h


Channeling-Coaching by skype

Skype name: ina.knoops


First make an appointment through e-mail: ina@energy-therapy.euor phone: + 32 486 37 00 72.

Then do the payment of € 55 on following bank account: Belfius IBAN BE 28 7775 9974 5420, Biccode GKCCBEBB.

The channeling coaching will be recorded and sent by hightail email.


From forums posted by:

Tanja diercksx Assessment : Healing Sounds

Ina Knoops has been active in the healing sector for over twenty years via dance, massage, aromas and sound.

She welcomes me in a room full of /filled with ethnic instruments from all over the world.

First they look at the energy in my aura, provides some pertinent observations about my character and decide specifically to work. On my abdomen, pelvis and knees “Sounds are vibrations,” she says, “They have a direct effect on brain waves, the nervous system, meridians and chakras. Sound Therapy brings you into your own power, making you into shooting self-healing mechanism, both mentally and physically close, “I can lie down on a comfortable bed and get the task:. Close your eyes and set. The session starts with a kind of rattle and the sound penetrates immediately deep on me. Then she goes like a shaman with a range of tools around me furiously. Some I recognize: the didgeridoo, various gongs, flute … When the Ocean Drum moves above me, it seems like I raft through a river in a rubber boat from one waterfall in another tumble. The flow scrambles around my ears, less fierce, my boat comes to rest in a babbling brook. Other sounds make the rounds at my ear to later to collapse and by vibrating into my throat. When Ina playing the harp and overtone singing, jumping the tears in my eyes. … Towards the end, she puts three Tibetan bowls on my body and plays them one by one. I can feel the vibrations loosen tension in every cell of my body. With a pressure point massage them around, while Holy Harmony by Jonathan Goldman sounds from the speakers. This was not just an exotic symphonic staple. The sounds will bring you in other (higher!) Spheres called alternately turbulent, transporting and sacral are. The biggest surprise is that I felt they really penetrate my body and there cause energy shifts. After the session, I feel a little dizzy, but in a lovely way.


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