Energetic Cleansing

Highly recommended when you feel mentally and physically blocked.

The energetic cleansing will help you think more clearly,feel more balanced and prevent or reverse illness in the physical body.

To work towards a complete holistic cleansing and healing ,the treatment will take place at three levels.

Level 1

The aura or etheric field that surrounds your body vibrates on a frequency that connects immediately with the physical body and is constantly in interaction with it.

Just like your physical body ,your aura field can be sick or entangled by energies that are no longer needed and that can clog your field so you don't feel functional as a healthy human being.

The cleansing will help you remove dysfunctional energy from this life and/or past lives and new energy will be activated so your blueprint,your soul can be more present here and now.

Level 2

Your physical body mirrors your feelings and thoughts not only on a physical level but also on an etheric level.

Emotions,illness,traumatic experiences can disbalans your body and mind completely.

The body,the connective tissue,the endocrine glands,the nervous system and bone structure will be cleansed in a specific treatment.

Most of the energy and thoughts are concentrated and kept in these parts of the body.

When the energies are blocked or disentangled ,your body cannot vibrate at the right frequency and your thoughts and beliefs are not in tune with your true being.

In this way it will be difficult optimizing and functioning the body on your own.

So through a subtle deep touch on specific parts of the body, a connection and reconnection will be made with your dna structure and the deepest essence of your soul.

Also a strong visualization of lightfrequency and specific geometry, needed at the moment will deepen the cleansing and clarify.

The geometry used in the treatment  is the holy geometry,the universal blueprint from the source of creation:

the elements fire, water, earth, air and ether are connected and active within the cosmos and also our body.

During the session,the sounds and music will be tuned on frequency 432Hz, which represent the sound of the cosmos and the human body.

Phi, the Golden Mean ( growth patterns throughout nature:from the spiral of a Nautilus shell to the petals of a sunflower) also resonate on the same frequency 432Hz.

It unifies light,time,space,matter,gravity and magnetism with biology, dna codes and consiousness.

Level 3

At this point in the treatment,your state of mind will be transformed and you will be more aligned with your true being.

Through the energetic channel used during the session complete harmonization will be accomplished.

This will strengthen your new state of being

on a body mind soul level.

This treatment of cleansing and healing is very powerful and intense.

price: €65

+ €10 with Healy. Read more about 'Healy'. Let yourself be surprised by this system with healing frequency and my
accompanying energetic sounds. Which I play for you live! A unique combination in the BENELUX. Contact me to book an appointment or for more information.

duration: 1h

at any time you can also book an additional aura&chakrahealing.

A true sound bath!


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