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Online services for companies:

- Special webinar with physical exercises for people with a desk job.
- Relaxation and meditation based on sounds and instruments .
- Price negotiable.

How to book an online coaching session? Make an appointment through or by calling +32 486 37 00 72.

I’ve been working several years as a clerk and secondary as independent. My experience working in an organization linked to my own therapist work has broadened my vision.

Feeling yourself good at work, as well in relationship with the staff, management your work partners and vice versa is one of the paramount importance.

A company or Trade Organisation can therefore flourish.

When you come to your day time schedule looks you can fade how much personally time you have personally and how much worktime you spend.

Certain responsibilities can weight heavily, overloaded workshedules can bring you out of balance.

Sound Healing Therapy online

Great responsibilities, high workload, can cause stress.

In this state your rational thinking, your feelings, your intuition fails.

In case of overload or stress condition increases your adrenaline and the pressure in your head and will be reflecting in your body.Adrenaline is good but not in continuity. Mental our physical symptoms could be arised.

The natural cycle also has various forms. When a form is too big, you get bursts. Compare this with the human- and spiritual body.

The varied courses that I followed (customer orientation, communication training, psycho-energetics … see biography) made me realize that “feel good about yourself” is a prerequisite for a good feeling, a good life and good communication. A person who has stress will have a very different kind of communication than someone who is quiet and feels himself good.

There are companies that already apply this way of working.

Every person has their qualities.

A good manager sees the bigger picture and knows that a good breeding ground will provide the right fruit.

When people at work feel good about themselves, that has a positive impact to the whole organization. Thus, not only the personal quality of life of someone promoted but also increases the quality of the work.


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