Custom Guidance

Why a customized workshop?

I’ve been working several years as a clerk and secondary as a free-lance. From my experience working in an organisation linked to my own therapist work gave me the idea to give customized workshops.

As an employee, nearly every day I (come into my work operated) am in contact with people who are stuck in stress, bad communication and general “malaise”. Again and again I come to the conclusion that the reason for this is found in some (minor) issues easy to correct. Often, people in fact do not feel connected with their body, (who are “not quite sit in their body,”) do not use proper breathing and posture. Daily complaints of fatigue and stress get more and more prevails.

The varied courses that I followed (customer focus and communication training to chi kung and vocals) made me realise that “feel good about yourself” is a prequisite for a good feeling, a good life and good communication.

Because even at (work) communication you speak about body language. A person who has stress will be at a very different kind of communication run than someone who is quiet and feels good in his body.It was a marvellous experience to find out how my body managed to reach a state of rest by using a few simple techniques in a very short time after a very stressful day at work.

So I came up with the idea to develop customized workshops. It is mainly focused on breathing techniques, correct/accurate posture (e.g. for computer workers) and the “drop in the world ‘by yourself.

The integration of different techniques (space doctrine, breathing, movement and sound) is interwoven into a package that is suitable for a wide audience, whose ages, employers and workers, businesses and alternative centers can use.

Anyone can attend these courses without any form of experience. When people feel as fit as fiddle at work; it gives a positive radiation onto the whole organization. Thus not only the personal quality of life will be promoted but also the quality of work.

Price: negotiable


A voyage/trip never to forget again.

Nature, the group, the energy, the gods, the silence, the being.All in one, just unique, wonderful.

Transformations and relations.

We have changed, you have changed, a reshuffling according to old patterns won’t work any more.

The silence and the meeting in yourself embrace the whole existence.

The wilderness doesn’t let off. At heart we have really been able to evoke/conjure up the snake energy, the oldest and strongest energy. This is pure magic, magic about which lots of books have been written. All of us have displayed/manifested this.

Marvellous – Whow – Unique

Thanks for everything 

Thanks for your confidence.


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