Crystal Activation

Cristal activation

All my life, I’m attracted to mountains, rocks, minerals, and particularly to crystals. The magic, the radiates brightness, the shape and so much more. During a hike and meditation in nature (Wéris) the Hathors told me that it was time that I worked with the crystal world. Crystalstones are very important in the shift of consciousness. Our body is composed of water filled with liquid crystals.

The human body consists 70% of water. Water contains crystal structures and is a good receiver as well as conductor.

At the moment we are in a time in which you strongly confronted with defilement of air, water, food, and we do not speak yet about electromagnetic pollution as well as the spiritual indoctrination. All of these cases can have influence into your crystal body system.

Emoto is a Japanese naturopath who has be studied the crystals of the water. He came to the conclusion that it is very important how you handle yourself about affirmation and thoughts.

This can bring large differences cause. Thoughts, emotions and old retention, consolidations can make you crystal structure disharmonious. There is no symmetry.

The crystals do not shine and seems narrowed and dull.

The evening is structured in three phases.

– It is first initiated a profound meditation that gives you the ability to choose your personal crystal. While making your sacred geometry this crystal will be present. Then you need to color the sacred geometry. During the drawing the preliminary meditation can be support your creation, your personal blueprint.

Throughout this process, there cd “Eternity” will played as a support.

– Activating your personal crystal

– The initiation of the crystal activation. During the entire time of activation there will be sung a specific mantra.

Price: € 75 (counseling, crystal + syllabus)

Location: the Marbaixstraat 56, 2060

Start: 7 h pm

End: 10 h pm

What you need to bring with: a drawing pad, crayons, ruler, eraser and pencil

The crystal activation will continue when there is a group of six people formed. If you are interested please sent a mail to

The strength of such a night is so strong that it is not possible to receive a larger group.

When a date is fixed and you are registered please eat healthy food during five days in advance, do not drink alcohol and if possible sallow water and possibly with crystals inside.


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