Dance Therapy

The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body

Let your body move with your natural rhythm.

Dance free.

There is a dancer in everybody. Dance your path of life.

Dance your life.

Be mistress of your body and spirit.

Push out your frontiers by moving.

Abolish old structures and blockades.

A free dance of the five elements accompanied by live music as well as by existing music. A combination of free dance – by Rudolf Laban’s theory – and of structured dance.

The structured dance will be accompanied by self-composed music and others.

The musical compositions are repetitive. It gives the possibility to go in a trance –and discover deeper-lying areas of yourself. Not only will we dance but also meditate and learn to feel our body and discover your personal sound and movement:

You may be surprised how many different expressions and movements your body creates. The Dance – Life – invites us to be aware of these rhythms; to really experience, to undergo them.This is a universal language of change. .

The hectic life is very demanding from our body. We often forget how important it is to be in contact with nature, both the one around you (earth) and your own. We often become alienated from the earth and our body.

Earth or soil is tangible/palpable, gives us a basis/ground to stand upon: the proverbial “being on solid ground”.

If we speak of being “earthed”, grounded we mean that we are in contact with our body.

Being earthed means that we can realise our dreams and future plans in the NOW-live (present life).

The way you are in touch with your body is radiated from within the outside.

Through the dimensional theory (the total use of the dimension in all directions, heights, hollows, depths, speeds) you can tell what body language you have.

Everybody can dance them in the infinite dimension in which the confinement of het human mind is absent.A diversified program for everyone.

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My dance experience compasses a period of more than 15 years fromclassical to modern ballet (style Merce Cuningham, Marha Graham, Isadora Duncan), from African to Balinese dance. During this period I met Lea Daan – a myth in the then dance world. I took private lessons which were mostly about movement and dimensional theory. This dimensional theory is based on Rudolf Laban’s doctrine).

In the meantime I developed several choreograhies and brought them – alone or with others- on stage. (Mio padre and the double; Sweet iron; Sweet irony – to name a few). After having finished my training at Lea Daan’s I went on examining how a body acts., moves, produces sounds and how it is a true mirror of the inner self.


Then I started to take Kendo and Tai chi courses and Zen meditation classes intensively, afterwards I gave those courses myself. Through this way I gained an insight in the functioning of the body and the mind.

I found out that everything is movement. Just look at nature, the cosmos, people, animals: we are continuously on the move. All is moving, all is movement, movement is in all. Microcosm (the human being) in macrocosm (the whole); it is a multi-dimensional area which can be understood best by thinking in terms of movement, vibrations, rhythms, frequencies

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