Hand reflexology

More then just relaxing

When you treat certain reflex zones and points deals on the hands, this could have an effect on body parts or organs.

A relaxing and gentle way to be touched. You feel yourself supported and nurtured.The hands are a mirror of your deep core, your blueprint. The soul will smile at you.

Reflexology is based on the principle that our hands are a reflection of all tissues in the body, just as our feet and ears. The effect of reflexology goes beyond just relaxation.It works by targeting certain organs and it brings more balance in the body and optimized the energy flow.Handreflexology works complementary. We can deduce the example in your hand from the tissues that are not optimal vitality of some organs, we will not make a diagnosis.The oils which are used for the handreflexology are of natural origin.

There can be used various types of massagesdepending what the hands tell you:

  – psycho-zone massage  – hormonal massage  – lymphatic massage  – body massage  – total relaxing hand massage

Handreflexology is a blessing for body and mind.

The therapy will end up with a total harmonization of the body through hands and tuning forks.

There will be hands you wear

And arms where you’re safe

And people without asking

Say you’re welcome

Price: €55

Duration: 1 hour


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