For children

Children are the seeds of our future.It is important that a child can develop optimally.

The physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of children should be taken care of.

These days, people talk a lot about indigo, crystal and new age children.

Personally, I look at a child who he is, his talents, his inner strength, his needs.

The nature of a child is to be happy and explore life.

Each child is an individual and requires a specific treatment and therapy.

As a parent it’s not always easy to understand what’s going on if a child doesn’t feel good.

Small children cannot express themselves clearly and often they are afraid to tell what they see or feel in the visible or invisible world.

Energy distortions can lead to uncontrolled acts.

As a therapist you need to gain the trust of a child or young person.

In consultation with the parent/child will be decided whether I work alone, or the parent may be present as a witness.

First I do the reading and afterwards we explore the world of music and sounds.

During the session, the child can play some instruments in a playful way.

For me, which instrument he chooses tells a lot about his energy field.

The session will be finished with a sound bath for a complete harmonization and relaxation.

Price: € 55

Duration: 1h


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