Sounds for Healing

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Sound is what our ancestors called the beginning.

Many cultures all over the world managed to realize the true power of sound which means healing and transformation. Sound healing techniques were known and used in ancient Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria.

The whole universe is in a state of vibration and every being has a unique resonant frequency.

Our human body is made of 70/80% of water and is therefore a good conductor for sound.

Sound healing is a therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body and mind of a person and will bring it in a state of harmony and health.

The ‘Sounds for Healing” completely immerse you in a healing bath of sounds, such as Tibetan bowls, drums, didgeridoo, rainstick, oceandrum, monochord, eagleflute combined with vocals, …..

The sounds stimulate the body to vibrate naturally and the voice is used to resonate with the different parts of the body to bring healing on many levels.

The body will respond to the sounds and begin vibrating at the same frequency. Blockages will be released and a natural balance will be restored.

The ‘Sound Bath” will be preceeded by a cleansing of the aura, breathing exercices, mudra’s and vocals. A connection will be made with the universal sound portals.

After a two and a half hour session we can enjoy a social gathering with a drink and cookie

Price: € 22

Time: 20:30

Guidance: Ina Knoops and Erik Block

Location: The Marbaixstraat 56 2060 Antwerp

Caution: due to the limitation of nine participants pre-register a necessity!

Register on the following number +32 486 37 00 72 or 


Private“Sounds for Healing” courses/classes are also given for groups of max. 8 persons/individuals. The make up of the “Sounds for Healing” can be adapted to the desires of the applicant. “Sound for Healings” can also be applied for in fall-back arrangements (alternative arrangements).
Initiations and rituals/rites are also available on request / on demand. “Sounds for healing” are also available for bigger groups in all kind of settings. These initiations and/or rites can be used for the change of names, birthdays or for the opening of new energy channels.
The whole ceremonial happening is always linked with a sound bath.

Coaching: Ina and Erik


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