Themed evenings

Talk & Meditation evening

Modern man lives in a pronounced “nervous time”

The impressions from the outside world can be so impressive. Sometimes it is difficult and there is not enough sufficient time to integrate the internally process.

People can get confused.

It may do well to sharing your feelings, your impressions,your thoughts in a group. A group can support yourself and each other.

The evening ends with a deep guided meditation.

Meditation creates inner peace. Through mediation you can find inner peace en get more into your core. There are many different meditation techniques. The form of meditation that is used here is a combination of asanas (basic postures) pranayamas (breathing exercises) and mudras (finger poses). The advantages of this form of meditation is that it is working on several fronts. One hand, the breathing and concentration brings the brain activity in a state of “rest”. During “normal” activities, the brains producing beta brainwaves. During a meditation the brain(s)waves produce alpha waves. This leads into a deeper level of brain activity, so one can also relax and forget all the worries.

Furthermore ,chi kung exercises will be practiced.(there will be also worked) with mudra’s (hand & finger poses) and Chi Kung.)

The resulting emergent energetic effects have an impact on the development of purity, generosity, respect, harmony, wisdom in- and outsight.

On the physical level it provides the energy flow to the organs and is healthy for your body.

Price: € 15

Start: 8 pm

End: 10 pm

Dates: The activity will continue when the demand is opportune. For the date look at the agenda


You will learn in 13 weekly lessons how chakras and auric bodies can influence your mind and physical flow.

Through colours, sounds, aliquot tone singing, intuition, movement and breathing techniques you learn to know and influence your chakras and aura-bodies in thirteen weekly lessons. Chakra means in Sanskrit “Wheel” (of) or “Disc”. A chakra is described as a wheel-shaped whirl-pool in which different levels of consciousness intersect. The chakras or power centres consist of different energy frequencies.

Outside the physical body there is an energy field which we call aura/charisma-bodies.

These aura-bodies are again in contact with the physical body and the chakra system. According to some theories the control of all our life processes takes place in these bodies.

The origin of diseas would already show in our ethereal aura before they display in our physical body. Another function of the aura-bodies is the absorption of energy out of various matrix/mould of our growth.

Through rotation or rotating spiral movements prana or life energy is taken in and passed on to the chakra-system of our physical body. One is talking about receiving, giving off, distributing and tranforming energy.

On the other hand, the physical body gives off the surplus energy.

The use of colours and sounds in this matter has been around for ages. In Chi Kung specific colours are visualised and sounds are sung to activate or discharge particular organs or glands. For this purpose the colours are spirally visualised and swung around in a specific way dependent on whether dealing with activating or discharging.

This practice or specific movements and controlled breathing have been around for ages. In this field they will be applied to still refine perceptions/sensations.

Price: € 15

Start: 8 pm

End: 10 pm

Dates:The activity will continue when the demand is opportune. For the date look at the agenda


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