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Tantra (Sanskrit: tan = expansion; tra = liberation), also called tantric yoga or tantra yoga, is a ritual practice of the Vedic tradition, which focuses on mental expansion and liberation. In tantra, the emphasis is on the development of your essence, your divine core.

You embrace yourself with life. Every perception, feeling, experience can have an effect on you.

Tantra is very often linked to sexuality, but it’s much more than that. If you look back in history you can see that creativity such as dance, art, singing and much are expressions of your soul. Very often linked to religion and mysticism. Creative energy allows you to feel free on the physically and mentally body.You are getting more deep contact with your soul, your body and your life energy. The flow of vital juices..

When you are in this energy then the sexuality is sacred. Most peoplelook forjust thiskind of energy.

In every man is a piece of mystical hidden. We are looking and longing often for it, while the secret lies in yourself.

When you have fear of your own body, mind how can yougive and receive.

Discovering your mind and your body is a diamond that can only shines so beautiful..

The Tantric path allows you to connect with yourlife energy. Let the prana fully fulfill your body. Thejoy of life may come to youwhen you expand your mind and body.

Tantra is a spiritual and physical awareness in which your own divinity an overall holistic experience is.

Listen to your inner voice, connect to your being, your original source.

The different ways of working:

Alone, with others, through meditation, movement, sound and much more.

All this can only be done in a safe environment, and now at the moment there will be worked only with women.

When a group has formed, we will work for 4 nights.

The group will be no larger than 6 people.


Price: € 100 (4 nights)

Location: the Marbaixstraat 56, 2060

Start: 20h

End: 22:30

The trantra evenings will take place when there is formed a group of six people. If you are interested please sent a mail to


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